Pi Jacobs

the Moment

This song was the "sleeper" on "A Little Blue" and surprised us all by becoming a DJ favorite. We hope you like it, and are inspired to make your own of Moment of peace, justice and love come true.

ABOUT I wroteThe Moment last July during the protests over the shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, where at least 261 people were arrested across the U.S, and the country seemed to be tearing itself apart. “Black Lives Matter” vs. “Blue Lives Matter”, and random violence bursting out all over, it was a terrifying few days. The morning of the protests, a friend came over and said she was afraid for herself and her family, and we shared some awkward tears, and a new intimacy, having never previously discussed racial issues.

All of my life, most people have assumed I was caucasian (or half-latin, or half-middle-eastern, or maybe Italian). I’m actually Hapa, (which means mixed Asian or Pacific Islander and Caucasian). I have a Caucasian Mom, a Philipino Dad, and an African-American Step-Grandmother, whom I spent a lot of time with as a young child. I have fond memories of us sitting around the table, like some family version of a UN meeting. I was dimly aware of the civil rights movement, but mostly, I just thought that different races were meant to mingle, that this was normal and good, and maybe even a little special.

Flash forward to 2017. Racism, racial tension, violence, and distrust seem at an all time high. The KKK and neo-Nazi's are once again out of the shadows. What happened? We were supposed to have made more progress, we were supposed to be better. In the words I saw on a sign this year: “I can’t believe we still have to protest this shit”. The Moment is obviously my personal story, but more than that, I hope that it will remind you of a more hopeful time, to renew your commitment to social justice and equality. If you believe in these values, please share this video, or share your own positive stories of integration and diversity. Make it YOUR Moment! with love and music- Pi Directed by Fernando Cordero / Industrialism Films Cinematography by Vicente Cordero / Industrialism Films Hair, Makeup, Styling by Julie Cain aka Little Lonely Special Thanks to Hilary Moore and Rick Bond for the family photos, and to The Musicians on the recording, Kel Pritchard, Celia Chavez, Aaron Ramsey.

Good Things

Get a sneak peek at the first single from Pi Jacobs / Travianna Records release "A Little Blue". Full album out 3/31/17

Directed by Fernando Cordero
Cinematography by Justin Koenen
Pi Jacobs - Voice, Guitar, Box Percussion
Adam Hall - Dobro
Zack Hall - Bass
Hair and Makeup by Julie Cain (aka Little Lonely) 



Want To Want To

Primal desire is a celebrated theme in storytelling, music and art. Pi Jacobs explores the notion in her newest single "Want To Want To" on her upcoming record High Rise Ranch. The video was directed, shot in guerilla-style on an iPhone and a Canon 70D and edited by Little Lonely (a.k.a. Julie Cain) and explores themes of role-play, sexual inhibition and bloodlust. With a cast that includes Pi, Rita George, Kel Pritchard and Will Boddington, a chance meeting in a rowdy bar quickly evolves into something much darker as a bespectacled lady voyeur looks on.

Babe I'm Gonna Leave You

Our new Single is an old folk song, written by Anne Bredon, first covered by Joan Baez, then "borrowed" and made famous by Led Zepplin, even Miley Cyrus decided to growl out a version in her iPhone after what was clearly a late night.
We were so pleased with how our version came out, that we tapped the wonderful Charlene Bagcal to direct a video for us. Shot in LA's own Ruby Theatre (at The Complex), we loved the dark, velvet feel of the venue. We hope you will enjoy, and share! 


Directed by Tonda Ros
Produced by Shannon Constantine Logan
Featuring Pi Jacobs, Fredo Ortiz, Eugene Toale, Celia Chavez, Kel Pritchard.

About This Video:
Last year around this time my band and I were celebrating our wild, youthful longings and feelings of being misunderstood. In short, we were 'Trying to be Loved.' This year 'Anything' goes. It's going to be a big year, so we're kicking it off with a big, ambitious music video that incorporates many diverse elements-like juicy classic guitar sounds, organic instruments, hip-hop beats, and bluesy Americana set in a dreamy post-apocalyptic desert wasteland where broken promises hint at hidden potential, while the future shimmers like a mirage of sparkling skyscrapers on the horizon.

We're exceptionally grateful for the Dogubomb Production team headed by Director Tonda Ros, our Producer Shannon Constantine Logan, the camera work by Joseph Hendrickson and first A.C. Michael Peer, our tireless Production Assistant Samantha Rutherford, Grandma Suzy and Kate Crutsinger for hosting us at their amazing desert ranch location, Taryn Nicole Piana for making us look like a rock star, Kel Pritchard and Celia Chavez for their lovely voices and attitudes, Eugene Toale for his energy and humor, and Fredo Ortiz for putting other projects aside to make it to the shoot.

Trying To Be Loved

Pi Jacobs first official Music Video. Directed by Christine Beebe, Produced by Shannon Constantine Logan and Celia Chavez. Edited by Bri Dellinger, Director of Photography, Catherine Goldschmidt, Artistic Director, Miranda Christofani.

Pi Jacobs and the BOX:

On a Boulevard near her Silverlake, CA. home, Pi Jacobs performs her 2014 stand alone Vinyl Single, "HOME", which landed on  LA's tastemaking KCRW. The Box is a one of a kind percussion nvention of Pi and her producer Eugene Toale.

PI solo at Rockwood:

Pi Jacobs solo acoustic set: Late on a Sunday night at  NYC's favorite SingerSongwriter Venue, Rockwood Music Hall