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Pi's Eurotour Diary


October 9:  Los Angeles: Today I'm boarding a Norwegian Flight to Amsterdam.  It’s my third time touring Europe in as many years, and I'm just as excited as I was the first time. Every year gets a little better, and I look forward to seeing the friends I’ve made in Europe, and to making new ones!

October 11: Antwerp: I arrived yesterday after a long flight and layover into Amsterdam. After a good nights sleep I’m up and driving to Antwerp. I was here two years ago, and I’m looking forward to playing this afternoon on Frank Vrancyzx show on Radio Centraal!  It’s always a hang at this show, with several locals just sitting around a table, eating cake and tea, smoking cigarettes and enjoying the Music. Frank is a real music fan, and has me play about 10 songs, while he insists that today is “Pi Day”.    

Also hanging out at the show is Oswald, one of my hosts for this evenings house concert.  He is recently married to Ingrid who I met the last time I was in Antwerp. Not only are they sweet newlyweds, but they also play music together and are quite good!  After the radio show, Oswald and I head home to meet Ingrid who has made the most amazing Vegan Lasagne. I am not a Vegan, but I so appreciate the love and care put into this healthy homemade meal!  The guests start arriving for the house concert, and we are cozy in the living room. Here’s a recording  from the night courtesy of Koen Vervoort. Things got a little political, but discussion is always good, right?  


Ingrid and Oswald jamming 

They are a great crowd, and its a fun night. I want to keep playing but I have to get up at 6 am, so at 10 pm we say our good nights and I crash. 

October 12: Leeuwarden and Groningen: The Next Morning I am up early to drive to Leeuwarden in Northern Holland. I am to lead a songwriting workshop at the Minerva School for the Arts.  Its a beautiful campus and the students (ages 18-28) are AWESOME, I have so much fun writing a song with them, that I forget to take pictures, but here is a shot of our creation, a song called “Lost Future” .    

After the workshop ends, I head over to Groningen to meet up with my dear friend, and tour manager for the next week, Christy!

October 13: Schwaforden: Today we head to Northern Germany for a couple of shows with Jeanette who runs Jump-i.de. Both shows are fun, but by far my favorite is the Glutrauch, which technically means, “Glow Smoke” but its essentially German BBQ.  We drive out in the countryside to a small “sport club” which has a little clubhouse, and a huge soccer field which will host a game after the music and BBQ. The Vibe is great, the sun is out, and BBQ is awesome, in any language, Thanks Sven!

Thanks Christy Bagerman for shooting this video!

October 15: Oldenburg: Today we re-visit Oldenburg Eins Radio. I’ve been on their show a few times, and Ollie and Oliver who run it couldn’t be nicer. We do a quick interview and talk about our show in Bremen coming up on Friday, and I play one of the new songs. Yep, I’m in the middle of a new record for my label Travianna, and while it’s hard to leave in the middle of recording it,  but I’m using the tour as a chance to really dial in the songs. “First Thing Tomorrow” goes over well, and then we take a few photos before heading to Hamburg.  


October 16: Hamburg: Today was the first “less than stellar” day of the tour. We arrived in Hamburg last night, and I had been struggling to get information about our show.  There are conflicting things on the internet, one says the club has closed, the other has my show listed. It's confusing, and I cannot get a hold of the booker.  We decide to proceed as if it is happening, and head out to do some radio promo at TIDE radio.  When we arrive at Tide, there’s a big mixup, We are not expected, and Andre’ our host has been ill. After a bit of a wait around, finally the show gets going, gets on the air. 


 Video by Christy Bagerman  


October 17-18: Berlin: We wake up early today and drive to Berlin, the exciting thing is that we have a DAY OFF, so we grab some bikes and go on an epic ride.  Tiergarten Park is HUGE and beautiful, after riding, one must grab some food and a beer, it's the German way!  Berlin is the youngest city in Europe, and the arty vibe is palpable. 






The next day is our show at Artliners. I played there last year with Ted Russell Kamp, and it was a blast. Tonight proves to be great again, with Joe Wilkinson, who’s filling in for Joey Ryan. He’s awesome, and the crowd is RIGHT! Clapping, singing, and into it. Man I love Berlin!     

Video- Icy Road at Artliners Berlin

October 19: Bremen: We wake up in Berlin, and have a long drive to Bremen.  The roads in Germany are pristine, but in order to achieve this, they are constantly working on them. I learn a new word,  “Stau”,  which is essentially “traffic jam”.   We hit at least 7 of them on the way to Bremen, all due to road work.  Christy is driving, and she’s incredibly patient, but we are happy when we finally arrive. Tonight we are playing Hafen Casino, which is basically a Truckers Stop. The show is with my friends Songs and Whispers, who Ive worked with twice before in Germany. This is their last show at Hafen Casino, one of their staple venues, so its bitter sweet, and even though its freezing out, the place is Packed! Weirdly, a fellow Angelino, James Houlahan is on the bill, it's nice to see a face from home, and he sounds great, as does Axel Kruz, a local I’ve played with before and Matt Van from Iowa. I see all my pals from Songs and Whispers, and the show is a blast!

October 20- 21: Groningen to Rotterdam: The next morning it's back to Groningen to drop Christy off. We have fun with her family, ride bikes around the beautiful canals, and that evening we attend Hillies' Birthday. I met Hillie a few years ago in Groningen, and she’s a lovely person. We get on our bikes and ride into town in the dark, stay till about 2 am and ride home. It’s a great evening, and I’m sorry to say I don’t have any pictures. It’s sad to say goodbye to Christy and her family in the morning, but I’m off to go meet Jolanda in Rotterdam.  Jolanda is a singer, booker, and overall lover and supporter of Americana. I met her last year when she hosted Ted Russell Kamp and I for a few shows. I get to her house, we chat and catch up and then drive over to Sijf for the show. The show is fun, and the Spek brothers, Michiel and Coen show up. They are wonderful musicians, and identical twins. Ted and I wrote a song with them last year that will be the lead track on Ted’s new album. It’s lovely to see them, and we try to scheme how we can do some touring together next year :) 

Sijf with Jolanda, Coen, Michiel and Mathieu - Thanks Jolanda for the pics

October 22-25: Gothenburg Sweden:  On the 22nd I fly to Gotheburg, Sweden, to hook up with my pal and great musician Thomas Ponten. I had the pleasure of singing some backing vox for Thomas’ new album, Love on Drugs.  Sweden is gorgeous from the plane, and it's sunny as I drive in and meet Thomas at the radio station to promo our show on Thursday night at Holy  Moly. That night, I have a sinking feeling, I’m getting sick. Luckily Thomas and Christina are very kind hosts and don’t mind me sleeping a lot and drinking copious amounts of ginger tea. A day of this and I seem to be a little better and the voice returns. 


 Wednesday I rehearse with Thomas band, and DAMN, they are good - I love playing solo, but this show is gonna rock with these cats.   

Pi with  Martin Lilberg,  Robert, and Thomas Ponten - aka Love On Drugs

Thursday Day I have another songwriting workshop, but this time its a local arts high school called Rytmus. The kids (and there are about 150 of them) are AWESOME, they sing along and get up and improvise and share. Its so inspiring, I can’t wait for tonights show!

The show at Holy Moly goes well. owner The owner is playing a great Angelino playlist before the show, and I get to hear my buds Ted Russell Kamp,  AJ Hobbs, and Sam Morrow - it makes me really happy to know our little scene in LA is getting known around the world.

Love on Drugs - I'll play with Martin Lilberg (Drums) Thomas Ponten (e-Guitar) and Robert Olssen (bass) any day! Thanks Joachim Warra for the pics 

October 26: Box UK:  Friday morning I get up early to get a flight to Bristol. I land and drive on over to my good friend Neville Farmer’s place in Corsham. We catch up for a while and then head over for the Schtumm at The Queens Head Pub in the tiny village of Box. This is a really special gig for me. The Schtumm is a monthly showcase, but it's also an annual songwriting workshop.  Last year I attended the writing workshop, and made some dear friends wrote a lot of music, and had a blast performing at Real World Studios for the culmination of the 4 day workshop.  Rob, Dean and Louie who host the Schtumm, and lovely, and I’m so psyched to see them!  I’m opening for Gasoline and Matches, who are pretty damn stellar, and the whole thing is live broadcasted. You can see it  by clicking here:  https://www.facebook.com/schtummofficial/videos/2184006821842187/

Oct 27: BBC and Trowbridge: The next morning, I get up and cross a big one off my bucket list. I head over to the local BBC office in Wiltshire and meet Sue Davies, who’s kind enough to have me play and interview for her “live lounge” show. Sue is lovely, and it goes well. I absolutely LOVE the BBC, so its a big deal for me.   

That night I head out to play Trowbridge Town Hall Arts. The show  is in an old courthouse that has been converted to an arts center. We are actually playing in the former courtroom. Its' a beautiful old building, and the crowd is SO with us. Eves plays a brilliant set before me, and for my set I get THREE encores.  Feeling the love for sure.  Click the Image Below to see video!


Big thanks to Jim Lynch, for connecting me with Town Hall Arts and the Three Horseshoes in Bradford on Avon (see below)!  

October 27: Whitstable, UK: The next morning I get up and have a 3 hour drive to the east coast of England. I’m playing an afternoon show at a Hotel / Bar / Venue called The Duke of Cumberland.  It's a lovely spot, and Tony the owner give me a warm welcome, the 2 set show goes great, 2 encores, and I sell a lot of cds.  Afterward, I get to hang out with Neville’s friend Bill who shows me this lovely town. Bill’s a musician, and all round great guy.  As we walk around lots of folks who were at the show come   up and say how much they enjoyed it. The Duke gives me a comfy room to stay,  and I wonder   to myself why venues in the US rarely do this. It makes such a difference to not have to drive home after a gig. Feeling really spoiled today.

October 29 - November 1: London, Bath, Stonhenge UK: The next day I get up and drive to London to meet one of Neville's friends who’s kindly agreed to let me stay. Christina Jansen is a fantastic photographer, and all around lovely arty soul. I arrive with plans to go see my friend Jackie play at The Green Note in Camden. In a wierd coincidence, Christina knows the show’s opener, so clearly The Green Note is the place to be tonight.  We hang out, Christina shows me around her hood, Primrose Hill, which is completely picturesque and perfect. Christina’s friend Germana is hanging with us too. She’s Italian, and a lovely soul. I could listen to her beautiful accent all day. 

on Tuesday I head back to visit Neville in Corsham (near Bath) Neville has to work, so on Wednesday I decide to go check out the Roman Baths in Bath.  I find a sporting goods store and  buy a cheap bathing “costume” and go to the Baths, which are from the Roman times, but have been done up into a swanky, modern spa type thing. The highlight is that you can go in the pool on the roof, which is outdoors, and see the entire midieval town from up there - but of course, no pictures are allowed. 

The next day, Neville takes the day off to take me around the local area, and to Stonehenge. It's a gorgeous cold day, and we have fun roaming around and seeing the sites.  Neville gets inspired and takes some amazing photos. The mystical vibe is palpable at these sites. 

Thanks to Neville Farmer for these great Pictures!

Nov 1: London (again): Today I head back to London after a few relaxing days at Neville's place. Thomas Ponten has hooked me up with a bar / venue called London Calling Sweden.  Apparently, most Swedes that leave Sweden go to London, so owner Ali saw a need for a Swedish Craft Beer joint.  I get in in time to set up and take a quick walk around town.

Christina, Germana and our Buddy the bassist Martyn Swain all show up and I’m glad for it, because it turns out the regular crowd of beer drinkers aren’t really there to see live music. They are giving me just a cursory listen,  so I play to my friends and  Ali the owner, and have fun.

Thanks Germana for the pic!

On the way to Christina’s after the show, I’m driving and end up going the wrong way down a one way street and freaking everyone out… oops, sorry friends. Luckily I was able to turn around and right myself without any incident.

The next day, Christina offers to shoot some photos of me. As I mentioned, she’s a brilliant photographer that has shot a lot of famous folk, so of course I say YES!   This is my favorite! Thank you Christina!


Photo by Christina Jansen:  www.cjansenphotography.com

Nov 4: Bradford on Avon: Saturday afternoon I head back to Neville's  place, for tomorrow is the last show of the tour. Sunday afternoon at The Three Horseshoes in Bradford on Avon, Another one of these picturesque English Villages that has a fun Sunday afternoon gig.  I’m opening for James Hollingsworth, a local, who somehow manages with loopers and such to recreate Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, I was skeptical, but it sounds JUST LIKE IT! Neville joins me for a duet on Purple State, and sounds fantastic of course. The crowd is great and everyone is feeling the love.  I’m a little sad that its my last show, but they ask me to come back next year, so I can’t be too bummed. I have next year to look forward to. 


Nov. 5: London:  I’m homeward bound.  Thank you so much everyone who helped and joined in on this tour

See VIDEO below - lots of love, Pi  


Frank Vrancyzx

Oswald and Ingrid Veerman

Koen Vervoort

Christy Bagerman

Mick and Nena

Jan-Henk Zandberg

Hanza School / Minerva School for the arts

Jeanette Atherton

Oldenberg Eins

Tide Radio

Andre Itjes

Julia Franz

Joe Wilkinson

Songs and Whispers

Jolanda Hanskorf

Thomas Ponten


Rytmus School Goteborg

Coen Spek

Michiel Spek

Martin Lille

Robert Olssen

Neville Farmer

Neville Farmer

Neville Farmer!

Dean Creighton

Rob Bozas

Louie Miller

Jim Lynch

Sue Davies

Trowbridge Town Hall Arts

Tony at the Duke

Bill Clift

Christina Jansen


Martyn Swain

James Hollingsworth


sure hope I didn’t forget anyone, but if I did, I’m sorry, and I Appreciate you!